1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

Dang, I almost forgot about this posts! The last time I did it was in March smh.

Circumstances could not allow me to do the posts for April and May but from this month onwards I will make sure I do it.

I also got licensed under Creative Commons so that means anyone copying my work or ideas should give credit where it is due.

May Highlights

I attended my first ever baby shower for a friend of mine, and it was so cool. It was a surprise and she never saw it coming at all. We definitely had a lovely time.

It was my cousin’s birthday and I got to kick it with him and his friends.

Met someone i’m still tryna figure out if this is a highlight or downside.

How can I forget, I got a new job role at work, that’s why I am able to blog more shhhh don’t tell my boss I like it so far because this is what I discovered I might want to do with all the knowledge I have acquired.

This month my friendships have been renewed with some people so I am really glad about that, and blessed to have them back in my life.

It was my boy’s birthday last week and we had an epic time!! Kicked it with friends, danced like crazy and got really messed up 🙂 It was definitely one for the books. My mantra ever since then has been:

Alcohol is not my friend

My BFF and I took our BFFs little sister for Ethiopian this past weekend, it was so much fun, the food was delish as usual, and it was like having a piece of her with us.

May Downsides

The passing of Joshua ‘Rojo’ Gathumbi #RIP. He was just an acquaintance who i had met a couple of times, but it was still sad that his time came so quickly and unexpectedly. I pray his family and friends have been able to find peace.

I got stood up by different people and that really sucked on many levels! I just think people should not make promises they cannot keep, and learn how to keep their word :z

I also realized that people do not reciprocate the courtesy I extend towards them, which makes me wonder, is there any point of considering how they others feel if they never do the same for me?

I am so confused about that someone, or let me say I was confused. Today I have made a decision, screw him, i’ma do me 🙂

I do not know if life has to maintain some sort of weird unfair balance, but I am pretty sure I have lost a friend, I have no idea why because I actually go out of my way not to ruffle feathers and generally be a nice person to everyone I know. Anyway I will sort it out by force 🙂

May Discoveries

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I do not know if I have mentioned how fear is something that really holds me back? I attended a training beginning of May, and the speaker was this wonderful lady who really encouraged us to overcome our fear. I actually did take her advice and nowadays I find myself doing things even though I am scared shitless.

Thanks to that someone and my friends, I have also begun saying how I feel which is quite a fete for me. It’s a breathe of fresh air..

Weights lifted

I discovered to my horror, that after a woman delivers their baby, they still menstruate wth???!!!!

What I look forward to in June

Ati Iyaa? dumbest tag line everrr

It rained bucket loads yesterday, I can’t help but think I may jinx Safari Sevens because of how excited I am about it.

My cousin just got engaged last month so she’s having those traditional wedding ceremonies and stuff so I am really happy for her.

June basically kicks off the beginning of madness from sevens, to the numerous birthdays so I know it will be a crazy month for sure.

How was your month of May? What do you look forward to in June??


2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. This was so much fun to read! And how do you mix happy things, not-so-happy things and everything in between and still make an interesting post?!

    So how was my May n wat do i plan for June? Hell, that requires a whole blog post!

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