Baby by someone else??

So the current /past I dunno I’m confused prospect told me he had baggage. Immediately I heard that, my mind jumped into a frenzy coming up with crazy conclusions, psychoest being he has a child.

Thought number one in my head was oh shit my mother would die of disapproval. She’s already warned me about Kikuyu men, but in addition to that a baby? Another human being? I had already decided not to divulge that piece of information unless it was absolutely necessary, and at the rate at which we were going, it might not be necessary.

Second thought was, I do not want baby mama drama, I am too young for that stress. I need your undivided attention, call me selfish but I deserve it.

Fourthly, what if your child doesn’t like me? I find children intimidating, so some kinda scare me. I like kids, but I do not know if I can really take care of them. You can only do so much blackmailing. This definitely calls for bonding sessions with my nephews and friends babies.

Thought number five, I am not ready to be a step mother. I can barely take care of myself let alone another human being.

With all these thoughts racing through my mind, I came to the conclusion that I am not ready to date a man with kids. I am not mature enough, and I am too busy doing me right now.

Thank God that wasn’t the baggage he was talking about, but he did give me great food for thought.

I know a couple of people with kids, most out of wedlock. Some are lucky enough to be in a relationship with the people who sired their children. Others are not so lucky, and for them I really pray God sends honest people their way who are responsible enough for such a commitment.

I spotted Valerie Kimani 2 weeks ago with someone who appeared to be her new beau at a local cinema, and they were acting all lovey dovey mushy mushy. I just thought she must be very lucky having found someone despite everything that’s happened. It has also just hit me, that she may be harbouring the next big thing in music in her womb.

Would you date someone who has a child??


8 thoughts on “Baby by someone else??

  1. Never ever ever. Unless he is a dollar trillionaire and his kids are living away from home. Family get togethers will be stressful but I figure trillions will just about cover my discomfort 🙂

    But seriously, not a good idea…

    • isn’t it worse if he is a trillionaire? his kids will just think your in it for the money and they cannot handle the competition. but i am happy you share my sentiments! Big up to those who decide to take the plunge though, they must be really strong!

  2. One of my closest pals is helping bring up kids raised by another man and he has never complained about them at all. I think it takes someone with “balls” to raise up someone else’s kids but personally, one kid wouldn’t be that bad.

  3. Wouldn’t want to, had never even thought of it. But children that are not yours can quite be the stress…they can even start saying that you are the cause of the parents separation #baggage
    Have you watched that movie for those identical twins that were separated then they were trying to get the folks together…lol, that was hilarious can’t quite remember the name. You’ll be the ka-evil step mum. hence NO!

    • The movie was called parent trap. I guess it also depends on the kid, not all children are terrors, some are quite sweet but the whole step mommy role is something i think you must be ready for.

  4. ive learnt recently not to rule anything out of possibility so
    id have to say it depends right now…ummm i dnt think so bt in the rare occurence that at some point in the future i meet the perfect guy hu happens to have kids i wldnt rule it out bt calls for some big ‘balls’ as Maina said 🙂

    • Its true, it depends on the situation. By the way most people with children never involve their partners with their children unless things are getting very serious because its not such a good idea to have your kids get attached to someone who isnt there for the long term, it isnt very good for them. So I guess it also depends on what relationship you have with them too..

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