Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

Is it just me, or has this week flown?? It was just Monday the other day! But I won’t complain love it.

I am excited about

Sunday 🙂

Today I am Feeling


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My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Gallis Medley. That is like my ultimate feel good song, found out its name this week. If you hear a loud scream when it starts playing wherever you may be, that’s me.

This weekend I

am gonna shop till I drop, have some fun, and meet some people.

I am really craving

I want geeky spectacles, and girly stunners both of which i do not have.

photo credit

I wish

life was not so short, and unpredictable when it comes to how long we get to live it. I wish people, things and circumstances did not have to change.

I hope

things go well on Sunday, I am excited and nervous all at the same time 0_O

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Feel Good Friday!!!!


7 thoughts on “TGIFridays

  1. I want geeky spectacles too :). I love the quote, cant wait for 5 Pm to put it in action :D. Glad you are back!!! Do enjoy your weekend. xoxo

    • if if ind out where i can get some, i’ma hook u up 🙂 time is going so slowly jeez can 5pm take longer to get here? have a fabulous one yourself. mwaah

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