The foolish games men and women play

Nothing ever seems to be simple, and straight forward when it comes to the interaction between men and women. Things always have to be complicated!

Love games

Men chase after women just to see if they can succeed, women play hard to get so as not to come off as easy, or maybe even to see if there is a guy out there who is persistent enough to break those barriers.

And you wonder why things are usually so complicated. No one ever wants to be honest and straight forward. because it will just be used against you.

Personally I find all this crap quite tasking. I have to like analyse and think about what to say, or how to act aaaarrgghhh.

I think I am starting to see how men feel. For the longest time, men have gone around breaking women’s hearts, but now the opposite is true. Women are leaving a string of broken hearts all over Nairobi and the rest of the world? they are literally eating men’s hearts out.

The feminist side of me thinks, way to go!! Finally men can see how the shoe fits!!!

The rest of me however keeps witnessing the damage done to men by these women, and faces the aftermath of those effects. I’ve been meeting men who have lost their faith in the existence of good women, and have no trust in them at all. Who knew men are all so vulnerable and soft and the way ya’ll front about being hardcore and wat not :p

Now I kinda know how men feel, being stereotyped even before anyone gives you any real chance to prove yourself, it is not a good feeling actually. I guess it then reaches a point where we have to choose who to trust despite our past experience, and whether you will make an effort to break down those guards people put up, and prove that you’re a cut above the rest. If we can’t trust each other, who is there to trust?


2 thoughts on “The foolish games men and women play

  1. thts exactly what those games are foolish.I wish both men n women would quit stereotyping only problem is there still is a vast majority of guys n girls out there with the sole intention of conquering the other,then moving on to the next victim.this makes it so hard to trust bt i still stick to the trust no-one mantra guy/girl ok maybe not completely bt caution is forever necessary.

    • I agree be cautious, I never think about whether i trust anyone or not, but i’m ready for the worst, maybe then it wont suck so bad

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