Oh magic 8 ball ….

I really like meeting those kinds of people who can read you like a book from the very first moment they meet you. I do find it very unnerving but I love finding out how they perceive me.

So on Saturday I got to hang out with such a perceptive person. He is a slore in every sense of the word, which kinda makes him sadly appealing. By sadly I mean he is forbidden fruit and I think he finds that appealing. anyhuu I digress.

I try to be ‘mysterious’ , being an open book is very boring but he called me out on everything and called me Kaspersky because of the guard I put up. With him of course it has to be really up. My pride can also be mistaken for ‘firewalling’ but all of that is just a defence mechanism.

Anyway I like knowing what people think of me, call it low self esteem, self centeredness or whatever, I just deem it as a way to find new ideas of improving myself.

So what kind of person do you think I am after reading my blog??


11 thoughts on “Firewall

  1. Here’s what I think, you are hardly approachable more so by strangers especially because of the response you’d give if they tried. You got style and it shows in the way you dress ie you can look extra-ordinarily great! And the accessories you rock… You have strict principles when it comes to relationships, you are emotional, caring, loving- in short, pretty girly. You get to hang out with nice dudes but it would be ages before something develops even if you already like him. You are also an honest person. You have a clique of girls you are tight with and have made your life have more meaning.

    There you go, I gave you your wish. I tried.

    • OMG Owen, do you know me in real life?? lol Bang on is what that is.. ish i’m not short, i’m 5 ‘4 lol as for strangers it depends on their approach. Thanks for your 2 cents 🙂 (more like 1000 cents )

  2. I’m not that perceptive but one thing I can say is that you’re a fun person lakini you’ve got some solid principles that even yourself can’t bend for your onw purposes.
    Speaking of the Firewall, is it the one blocking new TGIF posts?

    • i had no idea you blog!!! thats cool!!! Work became extremely hectic for me thus significantly reducing my internet time, so i could not blog as often as i wanted, but i think thats about to change soon 🙂

  3. Am not sure I should write… Coz am not basing it totally on your blog!
    but I know you are a kind fun down-to-earth teetotaller who is very creative. And I think the guy who wins your heart will be the most blessed

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