The Blueprint 3 – Jay-Z

When word came out about this album I was super excited!! I adore Jay-Z he is definitely my favorite rapper.

The Blueprint 3

Whats the album art about??

Just like Black Album, Jay-Z did it again!! Kingdom Come and American Gangstar were aight, but BP3 is GREAT!!!

The first single debuted from the album was D.O.A death of auto tune, a song which TPayne did not take a shine to because of the obvious. I did not mind the song, but I loved Jiggas hair all grown out, he looked edgy and cool.

The next hyped up song was Run This Town featuring Rihanna and Kanye West. The video really shed some light on the whole controversy about Jay-Z being an Illuminati and what not. The whole Roc-a-Fella diamond symbol being placed between the eye is apparently some Illuminati sign. I still do not know what my take on the whole issue is, that’s another post for another day.

Empire State of Mind is a big tune! I absolutely love it!! It does actually live you in an empire state of mind. Alicia Keys does a brilliant job on vocals and on the piano it’s just an amazing song. Line’s like

‘Jesus playing Lebron I’m playing Dwayne Wade’

Further fuelled the whole Illuminati business.

How can we not talk about On to the next one featuring Swizzy with amazing beats, prolific video. Jay-Z looks very hot, yes I think he is hot, he works with what he’s got. The song definitely gives you a cool philosophy for life, when things seem to be going wrong, just move on to the next one..


photo credit plus a great story here

Jay-Z’s versatility is displayed in Forever Young with Mr. Hudson. Amazing song, I am embarrassed to say I have never watched the video, but that’s something Youtube will sort me out with.

I really like As real as it gets featuring young Jeezy, the instrumentals touch my heart, and I really think it’s a song to look out for. If they do not make a video for it I’d be really disappointed.

Drake is the hottest rapper on the scene right now so it comes as no surprise that he was featured in Off That, an absolutely banging track that sounds like a Timberland production. So if you still on Cristal, Timbs, and Rims, just get off that!

A star is Born also gets my mark of approval, and I like how Jay-Z sounds in Venus vs Mars.

Kid Cudi features on Already Home and he sounds amazing on the hook, I really think this will be a hit right there.

Haters featuring Kanye West is just okay, nothing special, so is Reminder.

The last track on BP3 is So Ambitious featuring Pharell, and I am glad these two came together yet again. The pair make amazing music together, this track is nice and mellow.

What I love about this album is that I enjoy listening to every song. I think Blue Print 3 was very nicely done, and it has been doing very well. It’s currently number 32 in the Billboard 200 and is the 3rd hottest rap album this week. So if you’re a Jay-Z fan, or you like hip hop get a hold of this album!


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