1st of the month

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It’s a rainy start to March but I am so happy a new month is finally upon us!!! 🙂

February Highlights

The first weekend of February was a lot of fun, got to spend one last weekend with my girl before she left. We went for Ethiopian which was delicious as usual, let the picture speak for itself..

We went for floodies finals, then danced all night at Harlequins which was so much fun!

This past weekend was kinda cool as well, had a fun night out at a friend’s birthday party, and met so many friends I had not seen in a while.

Meeting Russell Brand was another highlight 🙂

February downsides

I had to say farewell to 3 of my good friends this month which was really hard, I hate goodbyes.

This was just a really hard month, melancholic and tear filled with many struggles personal and work related.I am so glad it’s over 🙂

February discoveries

My mother is a very strong woman, this month I discovered just how strong she really is.

I feel felt like nothing was ever going my way, and as a result I am very afraid of having any hope.

You cannot please everybody.

I got to see how the shoe fits on the other side, and it sucks!!!

This ambiguity I sometimes portray on my blog is also confusing to me 🙂

I hate being taxed, why the hell did I have to grow up??

What I look forward to in March

Blankets and Wine this coming weekend.

I am just glad it is a new month so I am looking forward to a change of favour from the world if that makes any sense.

How was your February? What do you look forward to in March?


2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. February was a so-so month. Finally got to mark my birthday in the kawaida way that i do it; engrossed in my life. Plus i met awesome people yet others had to be pushed out for the nuisance they had become.

    Am looking forward to bigger things and a change in my usual routine in March. Am also hoping that i do not hold back on what i have always wanted to get or achieve.

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