Man on the moon – Kid Cudi

Man on the moon

This album was really really hyped by many people so I was really excited when I finally got my hands on it. The Kanye West produced album is currently number 124 in the billboard 200.

I really like the cover art, it has a nice vibrant colour. Cudi sort of looks like Kanye a bit, what do you think?

Needless to say I was disappointed, most of the songs have the same tune, kind of monotonous in my opinion.

Is Kid Cudi a rapper or an RnB artist?? I’m confused. He does have a nice sound to him.

The only dynamic songs that stood out for me was Day & Night which had a kind of techno/ house feel to it.

Enter Galactic has a cool catchy chorus, I like it.

I loved Pursuit of happiness from the first moment I saw the video. You cannot go wrong with two hot men like Kid Cudi and Drake in black suites J The instrumentals are to die for, and the message (which is something I rarely look out for) is very encouraging, and leaves you feeling good about yourself.

Cudi Zone is the song where he seems to be rapping, so I also took a shine to it because it’s different.

Make her say featuring Common, Kanye West & Lady Gaga is a great jam which has received a lot of airplay.

The acoustics on Up Up and Away are just amazing and it’s a nice feel good track.

My worst song is In my dreams, it is such a weird song, with funny pauses.

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2 thoughts on “Man on the moon – Kid Cudi

  1. Nice review. Maybe you should be doing album reviews more often? 🙂

    I think Kid Cudi is part of the third wave of hip hop together with Drake. I like the whole album and am yet to get a song that would fall into the “NOT-SO-GOOD” category or the “SO-SO” category. Pursuit of Happiness and Soundtrack are my favorite tracks.

    • Trust me I am doing a whole lot more, watch this space. But your so right, Drake and Kid Cudi have kicked up a storm in the industry!

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