Groupy Love

Russell Brand

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So on Friday night when we escorted my friend to the airport, I saw a scrawny, tall, long haired white dude. He turned around and I was like

‘OMG Russell Brand!!’

and he turned around and waved at me! I was in complete and utter shock!! Russell Brand in Kenya?? and no one knew about him being here??

He actually started lining up on the queue for British Airways which was the flight my friend was on, and since my cheap ass phone Motorola L6i has a crappy, flashless, camera, I started frantically asking everyone I had come with if they had a flash enabled camera phone. Luckily my friends sister had a really nice nokia cellphone, but by the time I came to know that, Russell had moved across to another entrance.

How many times do you run into a Hollywood star in Kenya?! Like never! so I told my friend’s sister to come with me to go and ask him for a picture 🙂 She is very shy, and she had no idea how I was gonna ask for a picture with him,so she was not very willing to come with, but I convinced her.

I walked up to him and said hi, and before I could even ask for a picture, he held out his hand towards me, took my hand and pulled me in for an embrace 🙂 swooon He had this grey fluffy sweater on, and he just smelt nyummy, it took a lot of restraint for me not to stroke his hair or something lol. So I got my picture taken, and I coerced my friend’s sister to take a picture with him too.

I asked him why he was visiting Kenya, and he said he had come to visit some people.


Katy Perry was not here with him sadly, I love her music so I would have rushed for a picture with her too 🙂

I would post the picture here, but this blog is kinda anonymousish so you will just have to take my word for it 🙂

Russell Brand has a new movie coming out on 4th June 2010 called ‘Get him to the Greek’ so look out for that, and read more about him here

xxx V xxx

6 thoughts on “Groupy Love

    • I wish I really wish 😉 he is the dude who acted in forgetting sarah marshall, the rockstar the chic was dating in the island, and bedtime stories.

  1. I also thought it was you he was kissing before i scrolled down vizuri..i might not be living in the same world coz i had to press the link and toa my ushaoness to find out who this guy was..

  2. Lucky girl!! I used to think you either love or hate Russell but I’m beginning to find a whole new set of people that love him too!!Even my hubby who wasn’t a fan likes him after reading his Booky Wook, hes amazed at how down to earth and sensitive Russell is and they have very similar thoughts on many subjects apart from drugs and womanizing!!lol

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