Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

To be honest, for once I am not stoked that Friday is here…

I am excited about

being home alone this weekend!! woop woop

Today I am feeling

so sad and teary. One of my bestest friends is flying out tonight, and it is really tasking trying to keep it together. I am gonna miss her SO SO MUCH

Goodbye my friend

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Skip to my loo by whoever sang it, just because my friend learnt the dance last Saturday, and I am sure it will continue reminding me of her 🙂

This weekend I

am not giving in to all of this Valentines bullshit. It is not because I am single FYI, even when there were men in my life, I never bothered with this so called holiday. So if at all I must show love just because this day says so, maybe I will go show some abandoned animals love.

I am really craving


photo credit

I really want bamboo earrings, how awesome would some with my name in them look like?!

I still never got to eat pizza so I am still craving that as well.

I wish

my dear friend who I cherish with all my heart, all the best in this new venture in her life. May she have the time of her life even if its without me 😦 and may God be with her, and bring her back to us safely.

photo credit

I hope

I do not cry at work, best way to avoid that is not listening to stupid slow jams and neo soul uuurrrghhh. I hope I get to see my friend before she goes…

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘A work well begun is half done.’

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!!!!!

xxx V xxx

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