Of DnG and other mindless musings

I think God answered my prayers this week, there has been an improvement, I am not so melancholic anymore, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and I heard from some people which I really appreciated.

Since yesterday, I have been swamped with work, how I am able to spare this minute to blog is beyond me!

Safaricom has a very cool 2010 calendar, it shows you the various stages of the moon on each day from crescent to full moon. Guess when the next full moon is? yup 14th February, Valentines Day, can it get any cornier?!! barf

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am not a fan of the whole concept of showing love on just one day, in an over the top way.When I told someone I know that love should be appreciated and expressed daily, not just on Valentines day, she asked me why don’t we celebrate Christmas every day lol. You cannot celebrate Jesus’s or any other person’s birthday daily so it’s a totally different thing 🙂

D&G Light Blue

I wore this scent today, and I must admit I smell delicious! Sadly I have had the tester since like last year January, and I mice it like a nonsense because the original costs Kshs. 7000 at Lyntons in Westgate, and the imitation is kinda off. So if you have some loose money, and you feel like spoiling me, pwetty pweez go the D&G way.

Have you ever given your views about something, then if they happen to change, your previous opinion is used against you?! It is like the worst feeling in the world, makes me even afraid to actually say what I feel, but it does not stop me though. One day I will blog in depth about what who I am talking about..

I realized something about myself today. I do not think I will get married anytime soon, I have never been one of those girls who fantasize about their wedding day and what not. I told this guy i like/liked i dunno about how I am not planning on getting hitched till maybe after the next 15 years, he started talking about how he will come for my wedding next year and what not.

Just because I do not want to get married until it is absolutely necessary, does not mean that you should rule out thinking about marrying me!! But now that I have thought about it, If a guy told me he was thinking of marrying me, I most definitely would take to the hills so I cannot throw away my cake and throw it away again what is the opposite of you cannot have your cake and eat it? that is what I mean.

Anyway women are considered to be the complicated gender, but I really beg to differ. Men are complicated, always act macho but yet deep inside they are just soft mushy centers. You think you got them all figured out, then they surprise you the next minute. It is quite exhausting and draining. After next week, my life will go back to it’s usual drama free cycle that I think I should love and never bitch about.

xxx V xxx

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