Drizzy Drake

The effin best

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Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham is the epitome of fashionable, talented, handsome, I can go on and on..

‘A Game’ was the first song that drew me to him, it was such a great song with beautiful lyrics, nice rhymes and sultry vocals. I loved it, until I watched the video šŸ˜¦

The video which was directed by Kanye West is about the trials and tribulations of a scantily clad women’s basketball team coached by Drake.Ā  It sucked big time, I expected something which would bring the lyrics of the song to life, not women in funny outfits running around without proper support.

2009 was an amazing year for Drake, and all this success has come to him through his 3rd mixtape ‘So Far Gone’. He has not even dropped hisĀ  album yet and he is already the proud winner of 2 BET Hip Hop Awards!

Drake was born in Ontario, Canada on October 24th 1986 to an African American fatherĀ  from Tennessee and a white Jewish Canadian mother. Clearly music was in his blood seeing that his father was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis dunno who that is and his uncles were also musicians as well.

He can best be described as a multi faceted entertainer who can sing, rap and act. From 2001 – 2009 he acted in the show ‘Degrassi – The next generation’ and he has also made appearances in some TV Shows.

As an RnB singer he claims to make great baby making music as Usher so kindly put it.

Drake and Nikki Minaj

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Drake signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in June 2009 and so far it seems like he is sort of being trained to take over it while Weezy serves his prison time this year. He is set to release his debut album ‘Thank me Later’ sometime in 2010.

Men of the party year at GQ


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This man is famed for his impeccable taste when it comes to clothes.

People have also questioned his orientation, whether he is straight or not. Word is that one of the perky chics from the ‘A Game’ video claimed that he was not straight. Yet from some of theĀ  interviews he has given he claims that many of his lyrics are inspired by his past relationships with women.

My personal opinion is Drake is a force to be reckoned with, and he is yet to unleash his ‘A Game’ , we have not seen anything yet…

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17 thoughts on “Drizzy Drake

  1. i love DRAKE ; i told him i admit it , i hope one day we get married just to say ” WE FUCKING DID IT ” !
    ‘& boy im fucking serious . Im with it if you with it , Cause Your verses turn me ‘& Your Pants Are Mighty Fitted

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