First of the month
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It is a bright beautiful day on this 1st day of February, the month of love uuurrghh hence the gory bloody look 🙂

January Highlights

New years was fun, got to usher in 2010 with my family then my friends, I definitely had an awesome night.

The first 2 weeks of January I was on vacation so my days were spent in bed watching TV, reading great books, and meeting up with my friends, thinking about it now just makes me feel very nostalgic 😦

I finally got to go for Uptown Thursday, yes it is a highlight because I doubt I will ever get to go again, but trust me I had a ball, the music was to die for!!! If your a guy and your looking for women, just go to rezorus on a Thursday night, as in we were so many women on that dancefloor. Nairobi men #fail!!

Had a fun day out with the girls, Ethiopian, Rugby, sleepover, it was so amazing just hogging, chatting up people and lounging about in our pyjamas all day.

To usher in the birthday weekend, my friend and I went for a website launch at the gpkarting place last Friday night. First up us guys are the maddest ninjas, we were in dresses, yet we got into those jumpsuits and got into those gpkarts is that what they are called? The adrenaline rush was insane, and I am proud to say I did not crash unlike some people lol. But they did not give us the stats like they usually do after you race. The party was great, Code Red held it down as usual, I think I heard like every song I love. I danced like a nonsense.

My birthday of course was the biggest highlight of January.  It was legendary, I got to hang out with all the people closest to me and it was definitely memorable.

I have also gotten the chance to get to know a very cool guy and its definitely been a nice experience.

January downsides

I am such a woos, still trying to work on that defect which keeps holding me back :p

Still no stability.

No dstv 😦

January discoveries

I still have a low threshold for disappointment, I doubt that will ever change.

If a man wants to be with you he will do everything he can to make it happen. I am so over those men who just waste my time, play with my mind and never make anything happen.

Once a tiger, always a tiger.

On my birthday I got to meet someone I know on twitter for the  first time. @Tininai is such an amazing person, she bought me a whole birthday cake, just like she promised!! Thank you dear and I appreciate it with all my heart, you have no idea.

What I look forward to in February

I have nothing happy to look forward to this month, just an overrated pretentious ‘holiday’ which puts pressure on people, and saying goodbye to people which I am really not looking forward to.

Anti Valentines

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I pray good things will get to happen this month.

What did you experience in January? What do you look forward to in February?

xxx V xxx


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