Jibber Jabber

I have been dying to blog all week, the urge was stronger than my need to twit or to facebook which is very strange, and now that I am finally doing it, I seem to be blank.

I will just wing it..

No matter how hard I try I never seem to understand men. Their actions just confuse me every time. You have not spoken to me in I don’t know how long and all of a sudden you decided to start talking to me again?! I just wish I had the guts to just ask ‘What the hell do you want from me?’ because I am tired of over analyzing and coming up with nothing!

On the flipside, the promise of something new is always appealing and exciting, but is it worth it if there is no promise of the future? And by future I mean in a month or less?? The lack of time is kind of a relief for me though, I can be brave enough to do whatever I want and not really have to face the repercussions, or I can do nothing and have no regrets, but have something to look forward to in the further future. For now I choose to do something, just a bit 😉

I hate brown bread!!!! I know it’s the healthier option and what not but I hate it because I have to keep on spitting out dry grass or whatever those particles are. Once I crunched charcoal in my bread, I almost gave up bread all together, it was so disgusting. The worst part is, that is the only bread my mother will buy so I am sucking it up for now till I finally get fed up and decide to be buying my own loaf.

I also hate the fact that I have to spend the first 5 minutes of my meals picking out the onions in my food! Why can’t people just finely dice onions and cook them till they are well done? I do not mind eating them if I cant see them, or crunch them.

I heard an interesting discussion on radio today, the topic, which was mainly centered towards women was, if your girlfriend (friend who is a girl) was cheating on her man, would you tell him??

Personally I would never ever snitch on my girls!!! It was her choice to cheat, and it will be her choice as to when to confess to her man, so I will back her up to the end. The funny thing was that most women who called in said they would snitch on their friends. That just goes to show how some women do not have true friendships. Due to envy they would rather sabotage their friends than actually be their friend tsk tsk.

Don’t you just hate it when you are really anticipating something, then it does not come to pass?? It makes you give up hope on hoping all together because the disappointment is just too much.

What the hell is going on with Heidi Montag Pratt??? She had 10 different surgeries done on one day, and she claims she is not addicted to plastic surgery??? She was already gorgeous, I do not understand why she felt the need to remodel herself.


photo credit here


photo credit here

People magazine cover

courtesy of people.com

The name of her debut album is called Superficial why am I not surprised?!

So I am now savouring my last two days as a 22 year old, and the last few days before my dear friend flies out 😦  and I definitely plan on living it up to the max!!

xxx V xxx


2 thoughts on “Jibber Jabber

  1. Girls not backing up their girls is not a new thing but Im with u..its up to her to reveal wat she has done after all my loyalties lie with her:)and boys are so much better at having their boys backs which is truly sad!!!

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