TGIFridays 2010 edition

Thank God It’s Friday

Who does not love being in that Friday state of mind??! The promise of a great weekend to come is always very exciting

I am excited about

meeting my nephew for the first time tomorrow. He is 2 years old and he came into the country for the first time and I cannot wait to meet him.

Today I am feeling

lazy and relaxed and I must say its an awesome feeling. I am in bed right now, watching tv as i write this 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

the remix to A-Game by Drake featuring Serrani. Serrani’s verse is the only thing I like about this song, it has a very cool ragga feel to it, and I think they should have just made the whole song like that. Earlier this week I was surprised to see Drake in a movie ‘Charlie Bartlet’ (2007). He came on for like 10 seconds and only said a sentence but I was still pretty stoked to see him on screen.

This weekend I

am gonna have my game face on. If I see him tomorrow I am definitely gonna bring it, he will be eating from the palm of my hand by the time I am done with him 😉

I am really craving

red/rouge lipstick. I will forever talk about how much I want this till I get it. I visited a popular beauty shop to purchase some, but I realised it is really hard to shop for lipstick.

I tried looking for a screen shot of Soshi from Timberland’s song ‘Till the morning after’ to post here but I could not find any. She looks so gorgeous in blood red lipstick, a hot black dress and red hat, and her tattoo running from her bicep down to her back is a thing of beauty.

I wish

time would slow down already,, and that I would have 2 more weeks of vacay rather than just one 😦 I am really loving the free time and getting to meet up with my people.

I hope

that this year i will get the job security that I am really really yearning and praying for.

Today’s Inspirational Quote is

‘Destiny is the bridge to the one you love.’

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!

xxx V xxx


6 thoughts on “TGIFridays 2010 edition

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  2. Imagine for some reason i wasn’t remembering today is Friday.. I was thinking its Wednesday o something.
    Enjoy the leave and sleep as much as you can…waking up early sucks!

    Thanx for reviving the TGIFridays.. we should make it a habit for every friday for sure.

    • The trend hasnt really caught on like in the manner i intended but anyhuuu its fine the way it is and i will keep on doing it as much as i can 🙂

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