First up 600 hits wuuuuhuuuuuu thank you thank you thank you

The lovely Miss Magaribina finally tagged me i’ve been longing for someone to tag me to reveal stuff about myself which some of  my readers do not know about moi. So since she did 10 things about herself, I think I will stick to the same number.


  1. Anonymity

When I first joined twitter, not many of my friends in the real world were members, and the first thing I noticed about most people was their anonymity. Well, I joined the band wagon, or at least I tried to be anonymous, I do not know how great that is working out for me though. Anyway if you follow me on twitter, and do not know me in the real world, I may shy away from revealing stuff about myself. I am not trying to be rude, I think i’ve just embraced the anonymity thing too much. So do not take it personally.

2.  I appreciate

People are always telling me how boy crazy I am simply because I am always talking about men, Ooogling men etc But it is all talk, I am quite the good girl, I am very shy when it comes to relating with the opposite sex those who express any interest in me. So even though I may sound ‘hungry’  like someone once told me, I do not really devour. 🙂

3. My biggest phobia

is death!! I hate death! Death of a family member, friend, acquintance, or friend of a friend, celebrity etc. I am especially afraid of the death of my parents. I have this weird thing, I do not know where I got it from, but in my head if I do not think about death or chant this silly Mantra ‘I hope they do not die’ in my head like every day, something bad may happen. It’s not something I strive to do daily though, but I do it a lot if I become aware of a situation which could be dangerous in my opinion.

4. Mwanya

I had a gap in my teeth until I was 14 years old thanks to my retainers. Wish I never got those things 😦 It was not a very big gap, but a toothpic could pass in between my teeth. I kinda miss it.

5. I hate neo soul

Yes some of you may have seen my #neosoulsucks tweets, and here I am reascounding my strong belief! I am not a fan of neo soul, especially for a long duration of time like on thursdays on the jam on capital fm hiyuck. Neo soul is slow, boring and monotonous, same tired beats in almost every jam. I guess it does not really touch me because I never listen to lyrics when I listen to music. I may know all the lyrics to a song but I do not take in the meaning. I listen to the famous neo soul artists like India Arie i love her, Lauryn Hill, Musiq, Maxwell isn’t bad, but not listening to any of their songs for a long period of time would really  not move me.

6. Spoilt Brat

I am an only child, but I like to think I am not a spoilt brat. Most people who meet me for the first time actually think I have some siblings.

I must admit that I have noticed that I like getting my own way, but that is in situations like deciding which radio station to listen to, or where to go. Otherwise, I do not get everything I want. Maybe its because I live by my parents means, so I try to understand their current situation before I actually ask for anything. And if I cannot have it, I simply wait until they feel they can give me what I want. why does that make me sound even more spoilt??

What did you think after reading my blog?? Did I sound like an only kid?

7. I love dancing

I really love dancing a lot!! I go out just to dance and to meet people. I do not drink, unless it is peer pressure which I had successfully managed to ignore till last weekend.. But anyway music makes my world go round, and dancing is how I embrace it, and set my mood.

8.  Really Clueless

I started this wordpress blog last year in July, with one draft post which I have no idea what it was about. So when I moved here from blogger I retained the title because I still think I am clueless.

I have no idea what I want with my life, I have no short or long term goals, I have no idea where I want to be in the next 5 years. I have no idea where my career path is headed. I am still very clueless about men, in fact I have reached a point in my life where I have to consult a book to know what to do when it comes to men tsk tsk lol So I still am very clueless…

9. Bananas

I hate those string things in bananas, and that funny cottony feeling it leaves in your mouth when your done eating, it makes me want to eat something else. I love smoodhies though especially Strawberry Shock from Rendezvous.

10. Cats and Dogs

I love both cats and dogs. They are cute, furry and nyu. I also like cats tongues, I used to like sticking my finger where the cat is cleaning its self. I really want a cat, but mummy won’t let me get one 😦 I also want a cute furry dog that I can carry around in my purse 🙂

Finally i’m done!! That was actually really hard, trying to decipher what to say, and how to put it. Now comes the even harder part, who to tag, how to tag, will you know if you have been tagged??










Unfettered Sultana


The Memoirs

Archer Mishale

Mo-Mo Baggins






I hope I haven’t left anyone out, I’ve mentioned most of the bloggers I read, so TAG YOUR IT!!!!


22 thoughts on “ÈXPÕSÊ

  1. LOL – don’t you hate it when someone leaves a non-comment comment like that ?

    ha ha yeah kinda but hey its still a comment 🙂

    I try to maintain my anonymity , but it’s rather hard to do. Good thing I live away from most people 🙂

    I might come those sides and tafuta you

    I would never have figured you for an only child – shouldn’ t you be more spoilt?

    Yeah I should shouldn’t I? lol! I was raised well

    What – you hate neo soul ? Ok – wait , that’s the new stuff that can sometimes be cut-and-paste, rigt . I sometimes confuse one song for another lol. How do you feel about country? 😛

    country reminds me of when I was a kid, and was always forced to listen to it, but I like country christmass carols 🙂

    I am ‘dancically’ challenged lol so I won’t comment on that one .

    I think anyone can dance, just dont bother with other peoples opinion about how you dance

    OK the bananas thing I can’t relate to . I love bananas !

    This was a great post – thanks for sharing 🙂 . As for the tagging of others … well , you are on your own against the angry mob hehehe !

    Did you get the tag?

  2. Thank you! Now I shall proceed to write the post!
    PS. I am so OFFENDED that you say you hate neo-soul.
    it’s the coolest music ever after rock!

    • Please do not take it personally, i just do not fancy that genre of music much 🙂 different strokes for different folks. I cant wait to read the post 🙂

  3. Am learning to like neo soul— John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Freshly Ground….ai madam how so??? Nyhow, not that I liked it before, until i was given good songs.
    >>I hate reggae thoug esppecially roots n culture #eeewwwest!

    As for the — and you talking about men and scrutinizing them — am in agreement she doesn’t devour … shocker that your shy, i never get that part..

    Oh hell ya, u can dance …. people say thay can dance bt she can dance coming from a third party…. to evrything including neo soul …LMAO but the best i like is wen she dances to oldskul…makes me feel like i dont know how to dance..hehe

    Wot do u mean u dont know about men, and ur the one whos got facts on fingers about them…lol

    xoxo babe.

    @rockhead….u were tagged as me?? oh no! how can she make such a blunder…TWICE … lol, jus kiddin.

    • that was wordpresses fault about the tagging, when i was editing her tag came on the same line as yours so i guess it took your blog ad.
      Thank you darling for the kind words *blush* *blush*
      and dancing isnt as much fun without you. hugs n kisses right back. mwaaahhh!!

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