Tupac or Biggy? The once great debate..

I grew up in a predominantly West Side family. All the songs I heard were for Tupac, all the posters in my cousin’s rooms were for Tupac, the East Side and all those rappers were not very popular in my circles.

When Tupac was gunned down I was in standard 4, I still remember watching the story on TV, but I do not really remember what I felt about it.

I do not remember what was going on in my life when Biggy died, but it did not have such a big impact in my life.

I really liked Tupac, in the East Coast, West Coast debate I was always West Side for Life west sayiiiidd

Then came high school, and there was this friend of mine who was crazily in love with Tupac. His music was always being played 247 in the dorms, it reached a point I just got sick of him. I cannot stand California Love, or Dear Mama, those top the list. But I still love songs like Me and My girlfriend, Hail Mary, and that song for

How many brothers fell victim to the streets, rest in peace ya’ll niggaz there’s a heaven for a G, realize if I told you that I never thought of death, my niggaz we the last one’s left.

So with time Notorious BIG started growing on me, especially after the release of The Biggy Duets, I really started taking a shine to his music. To be honest I’v only heard three songs from that album, Switch your game, Nasty girl, and Micasa feat R.Kelly and Charlie Wilson one of my favorite jams.

Last weekend I finally watched the movie ‘Notorious’ and I am now a fully fledged Biggy Fan hands down.

I learnt so much about him through the movie which I had not known, like the fact that he died at the tender age of 21. I had no idea that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was the one behind his success. Okay I guess they were both responsible for each others success.

This movie really exposed me to the prowess of Biggy’s rhymes, and the fact that he had game 🙂 who would have ever thought?!

Biggy Smallses

The kid acting as the little Notorious is actually his son Christopher Wallace Junior, I think he is soo adorable, such a cutie.

Christopher Wallas Jnr

I also never really knew the relationship that Biggy had with Lil Kim. When the movie came out I remember hearing that Lil Kim was unhappy with how the movie depicted her in a very slutty manner, which was very true after I watched the movie, the Marilyn Monroe of Rap. It is so pissing that he had been sleeping with her for so long, then he meets Faith Evans and marries her after 9 days wth?! And she still stuck with him and Bad Boy, she is very strong. She must have some major issues though, look at what she has done to her face?!!

Biggy and Kim Jones

I also finally got to learn the major cause of the beef between Tupac and Biggy, Tupac got attacked in a studio where Biggy and the Bad Boy crew were, and he held them responsible for it since he saw them there after it happened.

Anyway I can only imagine how the Hip Hop industry would have turned out if none of this went down, they used to be friends so I am sure they would have made beautiful music together.

From friends to foes

The bone of contention

In a song hitting out at Biggy, Tupac claimed he allegedly slept with Faith Evans. According to the movie, it wasn’t true, what do you think?

I am glad though that all that East Coast, West Coast beef died a fast death after the demise of two hip hop greats who inspired dozens of other artists who have also risen to fame. I cant really say their demise benefitted the likes of Diddy or Suge Knight though.

I also discovered some new things about Tupac today, he was actually born in New York. He was very close with Jada Pinkett Smith, and he dated Madonna!!

So yes in the debate which is not so great anymore, I am for Biggy for now

Anyway I’d really like to know, who do you guys like better? Tupac or Biggy?? Why?



12 thoughts on “Tupac or Biggy? The once great debate..

  1. How could you have known all these facts about Biggie and ‘Pac?! Where were you when this debate was going on, you were waitin for a movie to come out? I was in std 5 when ‘Pac died so you have no excuse.
    Anyway, i find the movie ‘notorious’ innacurate in potraying the characters and i understand why Lil Kim was displeased. Yes, she may be slutty but they exaggerated that fact in the movie. The same way the movie exaggerates the fact that Tupac was a rowdy, loudmouthed, senseless, paranoid thug! He may have been that, but not the way the movie potrays it.
    The movie did not move me (rhyme!). I am forever Tupac! But i have a few favorite BIG tracks like ‘juice’ and ‘dead wrong’. Also like his verse on that song ‘running’. Favorite line on that verse- i’m to fat, i fuckin run i’ll catch a asthma attack!
    Tupac on the other is way more legendary. As to whether or not he slept with F. Evans, i gues we will never know.

    • i have no idea how i did not know all this about these people and the way i like knowing such vibes, yes I kinda am ashamed 😦 but yeah they sorta did depict Tupac as a psycho especially when he got shot in the studio. I have nothing against Tupac, I just got bored of his music because it’s always being played.

    • Even though i am a major Tupac Fan . I like Biggie and the fact that they couldn’t settle things before they died Is kinda sad. But i love 2PAC> R.I.P dha realest TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR.

  2. Hmm – I was never a fan of rap music so i cannot really say I have listened to any song by either. I always get confused as to who was West Coast and who was East Coast.. Tupac DID get a lot more coverage as far as I could tell , so my sympathies naturally drifted to Biggie. And on that very skimpy rationale I guess I could say that I am – wait , let me just confirm this – East Coast.

    Then again , with a name like Magaribina, shouldn’t I be supporting the West Coast ? 😛

    • Yes Mrs West shouldnt you be gunning for your side?? lol But its always nice to support the unknown under dog, but in this case Biggy was also known in his own right, albeit not as much as Tupac.

  3. Christopher “The Notorious BIG” Wallace was actually 24 at the time of his death. He was born on May 21, 1972 and died on March 9, 1997. Some things in the movie ‘Notorious’ were either factual or just plain false so dont believe everything in the movie, if you want to know more about BIG read his bio on wikipedia as its pretty accurate.

    Biggie for me was a better rapper, he could entertain without necessarily saying anything important. Tupac was also talented but he was a hothead and the beef was started by his belief that Biggie wanted him dead which wasn’t at all accurate.

  4. alright mother fuckers!
    Im from the west side and I was just 9 when PAC died.
    I used to kick back with PAC cos he was a close family friend, I really enjoyed his and biggies company when they were mates. I used to watch them smoke up together and I used to go deal with Biggy and Pac. In the movie when Biggy throws the gun in the bin that wasnt really a gun it was an ounce. LADAHZZZZZ AND DONT BE H8NT

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