Today I woke up mentally with knots in my stomach, due to built up anticipation and excitement, only for it to get crushed and set the pace for a very irritable day 😦 Moral of the story, NEVER GET YOUR HOPES UP!! Do not get excited because most probably shit will blow over.

I do not feel like doing TGIFridays today 🙂 but it seems I have set some kinda trend so check out my girl Kawi’s TGIFriday post here

I have never waited for 5pm like today, I have no particular agenda, but I am definitely wilding out in my own mild way. I plan on dancing my troubles mood swings away, i’l exorcise those demons ruining my mood :p

Why don’t boys pierce their tongues?? as in why??

I once met a guy who had all the attributes I like, long hair, tattoos, and a tongue ring, but he wasnt so easy on the eye, and he was short. Anyhoosmu got that from my ‘stalker’ whose not stalked me for a whole day 😦 he insisted on taking my number and asking me out for coffee *yawn* and yes you guest it, he did not call. If he only knew the kinda sports I would have undertaken with that tongue of his tsk tsk his loss. But yes I would really like to know how it feels to kiss a man with a tongue ring. If I find you, get ready to be prounced on 🙂 This here is what made me start raving about tongues just so you know.

OMG please visit fmylife for an instant pick me up, it has faster relief than ENO it works in microseconds lol. It definitely helps to learn that other people have more screwed up lives than I do.

Anyway today Its all about rambling, all the things I am pondering about whether to say or not.

Like when you meet someone new of the opposite sex, I personally think it’s irrelevant what their relationship status is nowadays. People lie, people say the truth and still lie to someone else, so does being single or in a relationship even matter anymore if no one really takes that commitment seriously??

I also learnt something about myself from work, I am not exactly the most patient human being. It is not something I am very proud of, and I really want to work on that so I will pray for patience, and incase I forget, please pray for me too.

I am also one of those people who are very mindful of other peoples feelings, and I was just thinking I should become even more mindful, but it’s hit me, why should I if no one is going out of their way to be mindful of my feelings??

Today I was also reminded of something that I did a few months ago to a friend that I was not very proud of 😦 Though I was totally provoked, It is still no excuse and I am definitely gonna apologise the first chance that I get, even though we are actually cool and everything, I think I need to clear the air anyway.

Wah this idea has just popped into my head, why not go and get toffee vodka shots today?? hmmmm. Ngai these female hormones are already making me nuts imagining adding alcohol into the equation? It might be electric 😉 Am I even thirsty or just bored?? This feeling is not very nice.

I have been writing this post for like an hour, and I must not be making any sense right now.

And the ramblings continue….

I think I have now lost the ability to decipher whether I like someone as in a guy or not. I think my judgement is clouded by various actions or trivial issues which I overthink about constantly. If you only knew what is on my mind now tsk tsk. Anyway I wish things would be crystal clear, and that such things like feelings never freaked me out, or held me back from getting to know someone or putting myself out there, that would be amazing.

But I must say I have grown a bit these past few months, contrary to what I say, I am not boy crazy as I sound. Finding a man is not number one on my agenda, but I do oogle a lot and that I will not deny.

I have a fabulous idea for a post so please stay tuned if your a music fan you will love it!!!

So here is to a fabulous friday BY FORCE


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  1. Will pray for you. And this is a personal opinion, sometimes when we ask ourselves why we are mindful of others when they are not mindful of us, you should consider, that they probably think they same thing about you. . Doesnt hurt you to care for the other person.. . .You never know . . . This is a philosophy i have adopted. makes sense to me.

    • much appreciated, your always in my prayers too.
      I never said I don’t care about people though.. but thats a nice philosophy 🙂

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