Taking you way back into time……

First up I must recognize the fact that this is my 51st post #woopdiduuuhh. Twitter is bad for you, makes you wanna talk in trends when your not even on the site 😉

Yesterday my workmates and I started reminiscing about how we’ve come from far tumetoka mbali.

Remember the days when mobile phones were none existent, and the kiosk owner used to be like you telephone operator so you tell your pals

Nipigie saa kumi kwa hiyo kiosk ya Mama Njoro

Translation, Call me at 4 o’clock at Njoro’s mum’s kiosk lol Because that was the only way you could be reached those days, by scheduling phone calls.

Remember how almost every landline was locked till you had to master where all the buttons of the phone were so that you put like a long stick through the phone cage and try dialing numbers without seeing the buttons. Or you dial using the button for kataing calls so if you are dialing 227122 you press the button twice for two, seven times for seven etc.

I remember how the TV wall units back in the day all had doors which could be locked with a padlock thus restricting your TV time 🙂 I wonder why those units are not sold anymore and the way this younger generation are just a bunch of psychos. I Kid.

Drinking chocolate

This drinking chocolate tins made the best sufurias when playing chamama, you never used to burn much while cooking bourganvillia stew over the candle stove lol. But thank God for Drinking chocolate because Cocoa was just too bitter albeit it made the best mixture if you were in a government boarding school, you MUST know what mixture is.


Yeah back in the day it was Roiko Mchuzi Mix. You will never know the value of this spice till your forced to cook a meal without it. Kenyans in the diaspora suffer the most because food is just not the same without it.

Who remembers Roiko tomato sauce?? Aki for real it used to be there and it was delicious. I was heartbroken when they stopped making it, heinz, zesta all those had nothing on it!

Vaseline Hair Tonic

Ha ha ha whose dad never used to use this mafuta for real?? I think even women used to use it. I still remember how it smells.

Who remembers Vaseline Mosquitoline? It was mosquito repellent but it used to smell so awful, being bitten by mosquitoes seemed like the better choice.

EAI products

Tree top was the nyummiest juice ever! Till today I do not understand why they stopped making it. Okay word has it that just like quencher, pregnant women could induce abortions by taking it conc concentrated without diluting but why not just keep an eye out and make sure any women who are preggers did not drink it??

And why was everything in a can back in the day? Plastic had not yet been discovered?? But thats a lie because there was plastic cutlery, buckets, etc.

My dad used to work for this company so we used to get these products in plenty. I think my dad was the most loyal employee ever!

Toothpaste had to be Close up, cooking oil was either Kimbo or Cowboy, bread spread was Blueband, petroleum jelly was Vaseline, soap was either Lux or Geisha, juice was Tree top, Spices Roiko of course, lotion was either Vaseline Intensive Care or Lady Gay. Yuck I hated Lady Gay slimmiest lotion ever bleh

Cowboy Spesheli, who remembers that advertisement where they show some nyummy mandazis, then some delicious looking chapatis which were so soft they could be raruliwad with ease mmmmhhhh

The Hairglo wave, you've got to feel it!

First up why couldn’t they just take a picture of their products rather than draw them?? The film could only fit the one picture of the couple??

I am one of those rare children who can say that I did not taste hairglo, apparently it was really sweet. I know someone who tastes gels and shower gels ever since she tried hairglo in the hope that they might taste just as good hi hi.

Hey men! what gives your hair that cool shine??


ha ha who remembers that advertisement?? I remember my P.E teacher from primary school was in that advertisement:)

Ni wakati wa tusker

Hebu jitokeze! Jionyeshi! Simama mbele ya watu!

Whoever was responsible for ads in KBL EABL needs to be brought back!! They were so cool and catchy. Remember the one for kazi! kazi! and Celebrate good times come on! Then compare them with the current ad, with funny people who don’t look East African dancing dancing, it is very lame.

I do not drink beer, it tastes like shit but beer drinkers make it look so nyum nkt!

I dunno why but for some reason ding’oing’o’s always remind me of Tusker.

Remember Fanta apple, Fanta strawberry, Fanta cream soda yuck, Fanta passion, Fanta spurberry. I miss the variety. Was there Fanta pineapple?

Finally what I really miss from the good old days is goody goody, that delicious caramel chewy goodness. What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that. Cadbury’s can you hear me??!! we need goody goody!!

check out more throwback pics from here

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20 thoughts on “Taking you way back into time……

  1. 🙂 Nolstagia!!! What?
    Nice!! and funny, oh I tasted Hairglo it was sweeeet, made me hate gels tho cant touch them with a ten foot pole.I also remember vaseline hair tonic’s smell.Hai :0)
    Aaaaand Goody goody was the shit.
    Adverts them days were creative, whatever happened??

  2. Haha.. u’ve made me cheka!!! but so tru bout goody goody!! n i also tasted hair glo.. was actually my mothers n i was an addict so had to wait when she goes to shower n i sneak in n steal… btw imajin i saw those tusmall jikoz we used to try to make being sold along uhuru highway… n the way that effort is so wasted on today’s kidz… n our VCR was the one which was locked up instead of the teli… 🙂

  3. wawawawa the good old days although av never heard of royco tomatosauce wat!hahaa uv killed me yaani n vaseline hair tonic….y were u eating hairglo(previous commenteeee???)ooh goody goody some missez kwanza fruitchew different flavours
    good stuff right thurr memories are made of these….

  4. Man! Nostalgia for real!
    Mum used to have curly kit and we licked her hair glo gel when we were pakain her mafuta…
    The time for Tausi we used to go watch at my neighbours house..the time lines za safaricom were like 2k
    The good ol’ days.

    • At first i thought i read you guys used to lick it off your mummys hair lol!
      Speaking of Tausi you remember that ‘horror’ Tahamaki?? lol

  5. I was just thinking of tahamaki…it used to scare me kaabisa kwanza the music..lol..now I think how lame I mustv looked to my siblings…I want to state Iv NEVER tasted hair glo..ever!!lol
    congrats on golden 50 +1st post:)

  6. I read this jana and again today . . . I’m with coloured insepia, no hairglo for me . . Lakini them goody goody’s sometimes ,even till now, i have a craving for. . .
    The other day i patad ‘patco’s in a duka in westi, si i was excited!!!!

    • I feel you…I saw Patco’s the other day in tao and was so excited! I am nostalgic just looking at these pics….I remember that Vaseline Hair Tonic! U forgot Knorr soup…I used to love that advertisement! 🙂

      • ‘Turn on the stove turururu’ ha ha yeah that advertisement rocked!! That mama who used to sing lived in my old neibour hood ha ha im just saying lol

  7. Oh you also had your parents lock the landline! I once ‘tapped’ the phone to call my cousin (I had a huge crush on him) and my grandma picked and asked what phone I was using. Busted!
    And vaseline and the tins for kalongo (cha mama)/playing house. Thanks I needed a laugh really

    • ha ha you had a crush on your cuzo lol is it still there?? I had a crush on a family friend thats the closest i ever got lol. I dunno why they used to lock the phone because I was so small who would I call anyway? oh wait, you see that number 227122? that was KTN’s old number, I used to call and ask for Jimmy Gathu lol.
      Glad my post made you smile.

  8. Hair glo was yummy but wouldn’t eat it now…bees would follow you around. Goody goody was awesome….what happened to them. I think there was fanta pineapple…not sure though. I loved fanta cream….it was my favourite especially the green colour yum yum

    • Bees would follow you around?? I really wish I met you when you was a kid lol!! I wasnt a big fan of fanta cream soda, it tasted weird 😦

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