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Last week I decided to accompany my friend to a surprise birthday party in the outskirts of kilimani. So we went there wit a couple of dudes, and it turned out that we had gotten the day wrong, there was no party at all imagine!

Anyhu we decided to sit and have a couple of drinks and we ended up having a great time and awesome conversation. The dudes we were with had some very interesting stories and points of view about women and dating.

Apparently women have this really bad habit of dragging their friends to their dates, and as a result the dude has to cater to his date plus her entourage. even though he had only budgeted for two. The guy really does not have an option because the way to a woman’s heart is through impressing her friends. So if he finds her at a club he may have to buy all her friends a round, or drop her and all her friends home even though they all live in different corners of Nairobi lol.

Okay personally, I have never pulled such a stunt. I already get weirded out when the bill comes and the dude has to pay for me, now include my other friends as well? My conscience would not be able to handle it, and I’d feel like I owe him a whole lot.

But I get why some women do this, they may want their friends to check the guy out, or just back up incase the date goes wrong, I dunno. But I doย  think it is not fair pulling such stunts on your date, so if your a chic who does this a lot, just reduce. Go for the date solo as was intended, and pick out some other time for your friends to check the guy out.

So one of the guys we were chatting with said how he hates it when he takes a girl out for lunch or dinner and she barely eats. Well, I must confess I am one of those girls. Dates totally freak me out, I get nervous and I loose my appetite so I rarely ask for much. I am satisfied with a soda ๐Ÿ™‚ yes I am a cheap date

The latest dating trend in Nairobi according to those guys is taking a girl out to Westlands and buying her drinks atย  Bacchus! Is this really what dating has become? Going to Westy and getting drunk? okay both of you will most likely fool around after getting smashed but what happened to originality?!

People like going on movie dates but can those really be classified as dates? Listening to other people talk from the big screen? Feeling uncomfortable during sex scenes? Squirming while the couple next to you make out like mad? Not really getting to speak?

Java, Dormans, The Mug, and various other coffee shops and food courts are making a killing because that seems to be the ideal spot for dates. They are cool places, kinda pricey though, and predictable.

Creativity is what is lacking in the dating game. It is always the rhumba, Java, the movies. People need to do more picnics. Speaking of, have you noticed how packed Uhuru Gardens gets, even on weekdays? I heard guys go there to do the nasty, I must go confirm those suspicions lol.

Anyway here are a few dating ideas.

  • Why not go GP Karting in Langatta next to splash? It costs 1000 Kshs for like 15 minutes which is like 10 laps on the tracks.
  • You can go to the shooting range at the Yatch Club after Langatta shopping Centre. 20 rounds bullets costs 200 Kshs.
  • There is ice skating at Panari Centre for I think 800 Kshs for an hour.
  • If you feel like embracing your inner youth, you can go to amusement parks like Rims Club in langatta, Lunar Park, Rock City in Kiambu where a ride is only 50 to 100 Kshs.
  • If you need some time to talk, why not take a walk at the national park Safari Walk? I think it goes for 100 – 200 Kshs.
  • Why not go on a group date and go paintballing at Rolf’s Place off Kitengela? 100 pellets cost 1000 Kshs
  • Organise a trip to Sagana and go white water rafting or bunjee jumping if you dare (dont have the prices for that though)
  • Bowling at Cosmic’s at the Village Market.
  • Go for a boat ride at Mamba Village, or go feed crocodiles and look at Ostriches there. There are also giraffes ate Giraffe Centre in Karen.
  • All you can eat buffet at Spurs Holiday Inn Westlands and Village Market at 1200 Kshs per person.
  • This Sunday 28th November, you can pack up a picnic basket and go for Blankets & Wine at Teyana stables somewhere near Windsor. I think a ticket goes for 1000 Kshs

Those are just a few of my suggestions, some may sound corny but it’s good to make an effort and you may get rewarded ๐Ÿ˜‰

Something else that seemed to trouble these boys was this new notion of how all women are now gold diggers.

I will marry the woman who offers to pay the bill!!

I thought one of the main roles of a man was to provide?? according to Steve Harvey Personally I would not mind splitting the bill or paying for itย  but not all the time. I think men just need to be sure when they are selecting the venue of the date, and women should also be aware of the guys current financial status and be considerate of their pockets ๐Ÿ™‚ So women woiye just treat your men sometimes but dont make them zoea lol

photo credits and food for thought from here

How to succeed on a first date

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32 thoughts on “Nairobi dating scene

  1. imagine I was asked if I wanna go to Bacchus as a first date!!!I wasn’t very impressed but he styled up and art cafe-d me instead. After that date I offered to split the bill with him but he got royally pissed off , ati if he asked me out it means he can foot the bill!!!so I dunno anymore….do you offer, do you decide before..this Beijing thing really screwed us up big time!!
    And thanks fro the dating tips drop them next time I get asked out ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I also decided not to be offering to split the bill because some men as you have seen, do not take it kindly. I guess to avoid the guilt order reasonably?? i dunno either….

  2. i concur with you dear, we need to be more creative on the dating scene, i, like kellie, dont date but i would love to do most of these things with my buddies.

    By the way the shooting range is 200 for students and 400 for adults . . he he he i found that out the hard way.

  3. haiya was i licious baby….gowsh i cant remember bt i love rereading this post #funtimes n i think the suggested date ideas should be passed on to as many guys as possible,cz originality is lacking in the nairobi dating scene i believe!USA future dates we can never know #bowweezy is there after all ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Id actually like to go to Lunar park but not for a date,to take my son and niece. Always wondered how much id need approximately for like half day. Thanks

    • You should definitely take your kids there, before they eat lol thats if they decide to go on the banana ride which is very scare even for adults ๐Ÿ™‚ But a ride is 50 bob so im sure they will have a great time!

  5. I feel so sad cz i neva had a bf to treat me…i don even know where the hell i came frm cz nobody neva loved me…i feel so worried cz i wil end up spinster…i am stil waiting for my prince charmin to come one day…here is my cell +254721638470

    • Being single is not the end of the world babe, just because you do not have a man does not mean that no one loves you. There is your family, friends and most importantly God loves you. You do not have to be treated by a boyfriend, you can treat yourself, just splurge and buy yourself a new outfit, go to that restaurant that you like, you also have to love yourself in order to find love. So worry not my dear, that prince charming will find you sooner than you think.

  6. wea the hell is lunar soo crazy abt visiting that place .i asked my bf to take me there.the problem is neither of us knows wea it is ama wats goes on there .pliz anyone there to help me!

    • Iv never been to Lunar Park but I am told its in Westlands, past holiday inn there. Sorry I cant be of anymore help, try google maps?

    • along kiambu road……jst get to kiambu naa ambiana wakudrop place karibun lunar park…chukua Matatu number 100 from Odeon to kiambu

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