Leave Henry alone!!!


Thierry Henry


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Ooh! la! la!


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This hot sexy thang right here is the reason why I actually decided to give soccer a chance some 8 years ago. I saw a very hot picture of him and thought to myself

wow! who knew there was so much eye candy on display on the football field?

Thierry Henry is French, has a gorgeous smile, hot body, and is a very talented soccer player and because of him, I became a football fan arsenal to be specific.

Way back then when Highbury was their home, Arsenal was a force to reckon with. There was a bevy of amazing players like Freddy Ljungberg smoking hot! , Antonio Reyes, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vierra, Robert Pires, Seaman, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell.

Yeah even though I am a girl, I know my shit! it started out as eye candy, but I really did become interested in soccer in all honesty.

I was so crushed when all the regulars started leaving the club, but the biggest blow was Henry’s exit of course!! He look’s so weird in those fuggly Barcelona colours bleh!!

Out of luck of a better club to support, I still gun for the gunners, but I really do not pay as much attention to soccer as I used to. I just time the end of the match when the players exchange jerseys 😉 I was heart-broken when they started yellow carding players who remove their jerseys as they celebrate scoring goals.

So Henry has really come under fire after France qualified for the world cup during a match against Ireland, where his handball helped Gallas score and put them through to the World Cup.

It’s not his fault the referee did not spot the handball!!! Did Ireland expect him to stop the game and declare that he had handled the ball?! Well, shit happens, and there will not be a rematch so people need to move because what’s done is done!

This whole fiasco made Henry consider quitting international football! It was bad enough he left Arsenal, but denying us women our right to some magnificent piece of man candy during the world cup would have been an atrocity!



photo credit here


I found this picture and it really cracked me up lol

xxx V xxx






10 thoughts on “Leave Henry alone!!!

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  2. when Britons are aggrieved they are like the worst cry babies and their press doesnt help the situation.Always looking for someone to blame.
    Arsenal fan since 90s and I also miss that team.Bergkamp,Overmars,Parlour,Adams,Anelka.good times

  3. News just in, Henry will go before a FIFA disciplinary committee because of the handball, and if found guily he may be banned!! wth??!!! why cant they take the referee and the linesman or whatever for not seeing the handball and calling it??? isnt that what they are bloody paid for???

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