Weekend Shenanigans


Miss Jolie-Pitt

Aren’t those like the sexiest lips ever?!!! I’m an African, and luckily we are blessed with luscious, full lips, even better looking than hers sometimes lol but I still cannot help but covet her lips.

Sometimes when I’m watching a movie or when I drool at random caucasian men, can’t help but notice how some of them barely have lips, it’s like a line was cut on their face just to permit them to eat, talk etc. I can’t imagine how kissing someone with thin lips like those would feel.

On the other hand, African men miro’s have the fullest lips, and I was also wondering how it would feel to kiss a man with really big lips. I remember there was this one guy I kissed who has averagely sized lips, but when I kissed him, it seemed like his lips were so big, still dunno why it felt that way, but there has never been a round two.

Anyhuuu my weekend was grande awesomous, my friends birthday rocked though she refused to down her tequilas lol. I met some cool new people as well so i’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Now I am even more excited about December!!

I also found out that I was fed wrong information about someone, which actually affected my relationship with him. So now I really have to dig deep and figure out whether that information was the problem, or if he was himself.

I also discovered that I can summon people with my mind lol!! When I least expect it. I was very stoked boredom is bad for your health and your pride but now I just really have to be strong and try not to break and hola at him šŸ˜¦

Although I feel like crap today price to pay for my weekend shenanigans I do not have the monday blues yet..fingers crossed they do not strike

Have a great day everyone!!


xxx V xxx



2 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans

    • there is full lips, and there are big lips, theres a difference lol and if my mind was really powerful, i wouldnt be in my current state :-* ha ha ha

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