:) smile be happy Jesus loves you today

ha ha ha thats a little song I made up in uni to cheer my friend up, and I still remember the tune till today.

Despite the heavy downpour that Nairobi woke up to today, I am feeling happy today, and I really pray the feeling lasts all day 🙂 🙂 🙂

So I am so anxious for the weekend to get here already, it’s one of my closest friend’s birthday and I cant wait just to have a good time and party like it’s running outta style 🙂


www.1000awesomethings.com is such a cool awesome site, the things they have listed there are so true and I cant help but smile as I read some of those awesome things. Like finding ‘4 messages’ on your cellphone, or peeling of that polythene that comes on phones, or waking up and finding out you still have 5 more hours to wake up. This blog is amazing!


I love ’empire state of mind’ by JayZ feat. Alicia Keys, that song rocks my world, gives me such a wonderful feeling that I cannot explain, I hope I get to hear it today.

Have a good day!!

xxx V xxx


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