Moody Monday


Miss Moody

This lil lady here perfectly depicts how I am feeling this morning. I slept feeling moody and I woke up feeling the same way.

This is one of those days where every little thing has the power to set  me off. I am really trying to cheer myself up, because I do not wanna ruin my day by staying in this mindset. The sun is shining, I have pilau and chapo to look forward to at lunch, I’ve sold 2 pieces of jewellery today, so it has to be a good day by force!

I will not let little meager things which are too insignificant to mention bother me today.

xxx V xxx

2 thoughts on “Moody Monday

  1. Not that i am special or anything but how come you havent called me about some jewellery pieces, the way i see guys donning some cool stuff from you. I must admit i am a bit jealous

    • babes, those particular pieces I sold were old ones I had since our last sem that I sold to my workmates. I have new ones and you have been tagged so just pic the one you like aight? And regardless of what you think you are specia;!

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