Thank God it’s Friday baby!!

What a beautiful day!! The sun’s out and it just goes to show that this day is filled with promise.

I am excited about

some stuff I am needed to do for work today, it involves going outta the office so I am really hoping it works out and I get to see some hot sword wielding Brazilians.

Today I am feeling

hmmm I dunno, I’m not feeling bad or euphoric, just normal kawa

My Funky Friday Theme Song is

Rollercoaster by 50 cent, it’s the first song I heard today when I woke up, and it made me do a little dance.

This weekend I

have two conflicting obligations and I will have to disappoint one party unfortunately. I hate it when this happens šŸ˜¦

I am really craving

Nyam Chom

nyum nyum

I do not remember the last time i heard nyam chom, and I am really craving some meat, like carnivore’s meat platter or the meat from Pampa Churascaria which I am yet to sample fingers crossed

I wish

that I went to changes last night!! I really have to club on a Thursday for once I see what goes down because this hype is too much!!

I hope

my plans to go the Coast for new years will not be ruined by the fact that I might be working. I also hope I will get to spend enough time with the December summer bunnies despite jobo :-/

Today’s inspirational quote is

‘If you change, people you’ve been involved with won’t like the new you but other people who do, will come along.’

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

xxx V xxx


2 thoughts on “TGIFridays

    • ha ha i had to find the juiciest picture i could find!! This has been the best Friday EVERRRRR!!!!! hope ur day is super as well!!! have an awesome weekend!! cheers!

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