New post on my new host



aarrggh first up what is this nonsense that word press has about changing themes?? Apparently I have to be a private blogger or something of the sort to upload themes which are not featured on blogger. So I am forced to use these boring 77 themes word press has to offer puuuhh!! I am a visual person so I like having colour, graphics, some razzmataz to my blog! This is so dissappointing. I am so gonna brush up on my html and create my own CSS because this is bull shit!! 😦

Apart from that I think wordpress has many cool tools and features which was part of the reason why I moved here. The other reason was I cannot access blogger as freely and easily as I used to, and I was beginning to feel gagged, so now I have taken back my voice and my outlet by force.

I actually started this blog Revealed in June 2008. I only wrote one post which i never posted. I looked at it last week, and I have no idea where my mind frame was so I never posted it because it was incomplete.

Anyway It has only been a few days and I feel like I have been MIA in the blogging world.  It is really good to be back with a bang!


xxx V xxx


7 thoughts on “New post on my new host

  1. @Trish thanx hun. U should give word press a go, it has some very handy gadgets which in blogger you would only get if u added a gadget.
    @colouredinsepia madam u need a pen name this name is hard lol. but its awesome to be back 🙂

  2. I was totally frustrated by the themes thing, u have to be hosted on wordpress to upload super-cool themes so we r stuck with the few they have
    but just get one that is more customizable…i feel u on the color and razzmatazz 🙂
    welcome tho

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