Gaga loooo

Lady Gaga


Steffani Joanne Germanotta, the lady who popularly goes by the name Lady Gaga has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

When I first heard ‘Just Dance’ I thought her vocals really resembled Christina Aguilera, but I loved her from the get go. Her weirdness first struck me when I noticed she humps a dolphin blow up doll in the video lol.

Lady Gaga

The name Lady Gaga was inspired by the song ‘Radio Gaga’ by Queen, one of her musical influences.

I was so shocked to discover she was born in 1986, she is just a year older then me and the way she is so raunchy and freaky. I still find it hard to believe she studied at a Catholic school ‘Convent of the Sacred Heart School’, but maybe it describes her strange behaviours. she must be rebelling against the nuns or something.

Gaga Loo is a musical force to be reckoned with. She learned piano by ear at the tender age of 4 and wrote her first musical ballad at 13. When she was 17 she was one of the 20 kids in the world lucky enough to get an admission to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU that year.

Lady Gaga

You can find sun glasses similar to this at nakumatt mega.....if u dare ha!

She is also an accomplished songwriter and has written for various artists including PCD, Fergie, Britney Spears, New Kids on the block, and Akon who noticed her brilliant vocal talent. He was the one who convinced Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Lovine to sign her to a joint record deal with his own label Kon Live Disribution. In 2008 she released her debut album ‘The Fame’.

Lady Gaga

The Fame

Lady Gaga works with a collective known as the Haus of Gaga who collaborate with her on her clothing, stage sets and sound.  Now this lady has the weirdest fashion sense in the world with her weird wigs, nude coloured swimming costumes, lace and other oddities.

Lady Gaga

This is nothing short of braveness


Pretty bow

Haus of Gaga hooked up Perez Hilton who was dressed up as Lady Gaga during halloween a few weeks ago.

Perez gaga


Lady Gaga is just like every other celebrity, controversy follows her around. There were rumors that she she had a weener and people were so convinced it was true. I never did believe it though because some of those tuswimming costumes she wore out in public revealed a whole lot, like her well done brazilian wax, but no ding a ling 😉

She proudly admits that she is bisexual and is inpired by beautiful women. She is a free sexual woman and likes what she likes. She is also an avid gay supporter and she does not wish to be viewed as using the gay community as a way to look edgy.

Lady Gaga


This amazingly talented 23 year old lady has won numerous awards and accolades. Check out the full listhere

Bad Romance

From the video Bad Romance

This missy here is definitely destined for even bigger and better things!! I totally dig this woman!

xxx V xxx


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8 thoughts on “Gaga loooo

  1. I concur!She is sooo destined for greatness.I have a chic crush on her as well too bad she aint legal for people my age *ahem*.Oh her Outfit to the VMAs was the bomb(crap I swore I would never use that term but what the heck its in reference to the punk lady so anything goes, no?)Or maybe it was the look on Ems face.I heart her 🙂

  2. Ok,that is something I didnt know-her writing a musical ballad,learning piano at 4 and getting into Tisch.Quite impressive but the choreography in her videos leaves alot to be desired(me thinks)

    • i think her weirdness makes her unique and stand out. But your not the only one who thinks so, have you watched how beyonce made her tone it down in the video phone video? lol

  3. hi lady gaga,
    i am a bbbbbiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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