End of the road, beginning of a journey

Yesterday was our last Mizizi class, and it was a lot of fun, and kinda sad that it had come to an end so soon. It is amazing how ten weeks have flown.

So I must admit I was initially happy that my Tuesday evenings have finally freed up so I can go for movies poor man’s day, terrific Tuesday’s, or just go home and avoid having to spend like almost 400 shillings to get to church and to get home every week. But after yesterdays class, my mind-set has changed, for some people our class is their lifeline to God, ok not only some people, even me.

Anyway I shared this with my class yesterday because it was something I had heard from a previous sermon that kinda freaked me out.

The preacher had said that every single person is either

  • heading toward the wilderness
  • inside the wilderness
  • on the way out of the wilderness

By wilderness he meant like facing a difficult or trying time which affects their entire being.

I took a look at my life, and I am happy but scared to report that so far there is nothing that has shattered my world as i know it.

The worst thing that happened to me most recently was when I broke up with my ex last year, and right now it seems really insignificant. In fact I think dumping him was the best decision I made, so I do not really consider it as ‘being in the wilderness’.

I am really deathly afraid of having to go ‘into the wilderness’ and I am really praying that I do not have to.

It hit me yesterday, maybe the reason I am not in the wilderness is so that I can encourage and pray for those people who are in the wilderness or are just about to leave the wilderness, who are not in the best position spiritually. Maybe now that nothing is distracting me, I can pray for all those people who are truly troubled, or have lost their faith in God. I can be their bridge to the Lord.

God has been extremely good to me, and he has provided me with a happy and bountiful life. For a while I felt really bad because I am abundantly blessed, yet my relationship with the Lord was not as strong as it should be, I felt like I was not as grateful as I should be. Registering for this class I think was an awesome idea so I thank my friends for encouraging me to join the class.

Like I said in a previous post, Mizizi renewed my belief in prayer. We were shown new ways to pray, how devoting time to God was important, and how accompanying prayer with fasting was a good way to talk to the Lord and submitting to him.

I must confess that I do not pray as often as I should, like at night I find myself dosing as I watch tv, or in the middle of prayer which really isn’t good. So today I finally started my prayer journal and I already think it is a great way to communicate with the Lord. I always promise the people close to me that I have kept them in my prayers, and hopefully I can keep that promise now.

xxx V xxx



10 thoughts on “End of the road, beginning of a journey

  1. I know about the wilderness, its true, when you are not there you are out of it to pray for those in it..did a ‘Thru the wilderness’ post leo.
    Those classes sound really nice.

  2. I so like!!wow..so deep..:-)…ever since u joined the classes u surely have given me the motivation and encouragement I need to pray for everything in my life!!I must admit, every time I whisper a prayer before facing a situation..the fear I felt then disappears..:-)!!…and all the time I ask u to pray for me, when I think things are THICK!! theys a tremendous turn around!!:-). I’m truly grateful for keeping me in ur prayers hun..:)
    I do believe I am on the way out of the widerness..;-)..ok I hope..:-D
    Maaad love “aunt”..xoxoxox

    • im super stoked that i have sorta helped you believe in prayer, wow ur making me think I have super powers lol, but its amazing how much prayer helps, its even better when what you pray for comes to pass. I will always keep on praying for you 🙂 mad love right back atcha hun!! smooches :-*

  3. I totally get you…when I did Mizizi I understood the meaning of a “relationship with God” and more. I think sometimes we take God for granted until we take a minute to sit down and realize the major role He plays in our lives whether we acknowledge it or not. Welcome to wordpress…am soo putting you on my blogroll

    • I dint know u already did mizizi, but its true, it totally changes your mindset. Thank you, wordpress is lovely, and thank you for adding me to your blog roll :-*

  4. Awww, I’m touched, pastor in the making. Lol. What you said is so true. As a member of the mizizi team i am happy that we dont have to give your money back . . he he he
    As your friend, I am glad that you have come to such a powerful realization. There are great things yet ahead of you.
    Luv yah!!

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