TPF3 Grand Finale

On Sunday I managed to get two tickets for the TPF3 grand finale, and I took my mummy for her birthday, and she was so stoked! She was a huge Alpha and TPF fun, I, not so much, I was pre-ocupied with more interesting things on tv like big brother and the movies Dish have to offer utilising my investment to the max!
So we got there at around 5:30pm and stood around in heels my poor feet till 7:00pm when they finally allowed us to access the dome. We got some great seats near the faculty so we had a fairly clear view.
I must say the cameras do not do Sheila Mwanyiga justice. She is so gorgeous in person and that purple dress was absolutely fabulous! Dr Mitch was looking very handsome, I do not know why people hate on him so much, I think he has a great personality, Gaetano is just overated just a bit. But I think I need to go to Uganda, clearly they have very charming, interesting men over there.

All the contestants came out for the finale, and they did a little number which was really cool.
I noticed Kenyans really have mad love for Debarl. Personally, he doesn’t move me, I thought he was kinda creepy, boring, and I honestly think that Ng’ang’a has better vocals than Debarl. Just compare his rendition of Nameless’s – Deadly and Ngang’a’s version of Chuki by Wyre seriously?!

I never got why Kenyans suddenly lost favour for Patricia Kihoro, the pretty girl with the amazing vocal talent. She had to choose between two Kenyans, so she chose Ng’ang’a. Everyone thinks she was malicious for not choosing Debarl because he was the stronger contestant, to an extent it may be true, but she had to make a decision.
Turns out saving Ng’ang’a was to her detriment and he emerged 1st runners up in the competition. I am so sure if she did not pick Supalito she would still have been hated on either way.
Her performance during the finale was good, but not as electric as everyone elses. But you should have seen her catwalking like she was a runway model every time she walked on and off the stage. Madam there is no need to feel sucrose, you were number 4!!!
When all the contestants first came out, I was shocked to see Caroline blandly dressed in black pants and a shimmery top, which looked less glamouras then all the other ladies.
But when she performed Afro, it finally dawned on my mother and I that she chose that attire for a reason.

These Ugandan lady is definitely a great performer. She can shake that booty like a nonsense, all the men were just transfixed on her ass.

I was surprised that Alpha did not choose to sing a Reggae song during the finale, and I think it was a good idea because we all think that is the genre which he is best suited at.

Ian was put on the ‘spot’ by Mitch to sing since he always judges but never sings but we all know it was so planned! I think he has a very nice strong voice so I was extremely impressed.

So the time of reckoning came, and it was time to announce the final results

I knew it in my gut that Patricia would come in fourth place, she lost favour with the audience and they let her pay for it which was sad because to be honest, she was the strongest of them all vocally. Just admit it! She tried to maintain her composure after the announcement, plastering a smile on her face as hard as she could, I could not helo but feel sorry for her. Apparently so did the people from KDN felt the same way because they later rewarded her with a Toshiba Laptop. Marathana also offered her a voucher for counselling which she will definitely need when she realizes how people feel about her.

Caroline came in at 3rd place, I was shocked she even won Patricia muhahahaha!  and she got a bunch of great prizes which included a recording deal, laptop, internet, medical cover and free counselling.

When the time came to announce the winner, I honestly had no idea who would win because they both had very good chances of winning. But Alpha took the cup and emerged victorious and I think he totally deserved it.

Alpha is so humble, I am sure all of you who voted for him found that he was very worthy and deserving.

I had a great time at the show, but I still think the grand finale of the first TPF rocked more. They had a bevy of artists who surprised the contestants by singing with them, I thought that was amazing, and even though I watched it on TV I was still very entertained.
I hope they will have more in store for us on the next season of Tusker Project Fame.
My apologies for the fuzzy pics, flashes are not allowed during filming

xxx V xxx

6 thoughts on “TPF3 Grand Finale

  1. Love the photos..I was so rooting for Alpha! It was him or him, and though Patricia had talent, maybe the best, she ruined it for herself with that strategy..coz it ended up working against her. I actually thought she'd win third place, so fourth place was a shocker!

  2. Thank you 🙂 yeah i also thought she'd at least beat caroline.
    The guy who jazzed me the most and did not even get into the house, is the ugandan guy with dreads who could sing and play the guitar (EA's John Mayor) i think he was denied an opportunity but i am sure his chance will come just like patricia. She reached i think top 50 in idols last year and she got another shot this year at tpf3.

  3. I think East Africans need to realize that “Reality Shows’ are just heavily edited shows that play with the audiences’ psyche just for ratings. I happened to be a part of the production of TPF 2 and 3 and I think it’s about time people got the truth about the whole shenanigans. We all signed contracts, making sure that we didn’t say anything that revealed the truth about what goes on, and not to put the show in a bad light but after hanging out with a couple of the contestants and seeing their behaviour off-screen, I can tell you this…Alpha, not as great as you think( the band would be instructed to cover up his mistakes and at times he even picked fights with them, but, he put on a great show when the cameras were on, Ng’ang’alito, very talented and surprisingly serious, Caroline, childish, Patricia, talented, humble but abit too held together, Debarl, boring, and not an awesome singer…etc. i could go on….there’s so much to tell. Oh and by the way, get this…sometimes the voting boards had names already written on them…leaving the contestants no choice but to pretend to write a name. And the poor contestants are not allowed to say a thing…infact, I’m risking a lawsuit here. Good thing ur blog’s laid back. Phew, glad I got that off my chest!!

    • Miss Destineee thank you for risking a lawsuit to comment on my blog and choosing revealed as the place to vent 🙂 much appreciated, and the info is just too juicy!
      If you have more to tell, go ahead and spill!! The only thing I had heard was that Alpha was going to win from the get go to help EABL venture into Rwanda, but I had no idea it went as far as them writing on the boards. Does that mean the hate unleashed on Patricia for not voting for debarl (who i think could sing nothing!) was their fault? wat is the point of calling it reality tv if they control everything that goes on?

  4. Everything that happened on the show, would have happened whether there had been voting or not. Whoever got evicted would have left as they did because that was the plan from the beginning. Nobody but Alpha would have won…even Debarl’s leaving wasn’t by accident. Think of it this way, even if Patricia had voted for him, her vote still wouldn’t have kept him in the game.

    EABL doesn’t put up millions of cash just because they like singing….it’s because they have a plan….and it must be followed. That’s why they get the best directors from outside the country who know how to make things go their way.

    The board thing happened once…which I am sure of, other times, not so sure but hey, who knows.

    I just think it’s sad for those who don’t really know what’s going on to get so invested in the whole thing. It’s not real…

    • Yeah there are people who waste their money thinking they are voting for their favorite contestant, not knowing that the winner was already chosen. its actually very sad, i am so glad i have never wasted a cent voting in any of these ‘reality’ shows.

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