Here comes the bride

This cake topper just brought a smile to my face. Why is it that it seems like nowadays women are the one’s trapping and coercing men into getting married??
My wedding cake topper will be the other way round, the groom dragging me. I tell everyone who asks that I plan on getting married when I turn 38 years old for real thats in the next 16 yrs. When that time comes, these will be my cake toppers:

The covenant of marriage has just been degraded and abused. I believe that marriage should last forever, but we all know that doesn’t exist in this crazy generation of ours. I would hate to get hitched then get a divorce, and the divorce rate world wide has sky rocketed sadly. 
Everyone I tell about my goal to get married at 38 laughs at me and says how I will end up being the first to get married among my circle of friends NEVER!!! If I do get married before then, Im eloping and not informing anyone about it till I turn 38.
My logic is, the later I get married, chances are I will have a shorter, happier marriage since I am already knocking on deaths door anyway. Does it make any sense? I already busted my mother’s bubble and told her about my future marital plans, and she totally understood it 🙂 shock!
The questions that are usually thrown at me are

who will marry such an old woman?

what about kids?

I might decide to cougar and marry a hot piece of man candy that would be heavenly or I will just find someone who is worthy that will have me, I dunno, I will cross that bridge when I get there.
As for children, that has not been factored into the equation, but all I know is that I wanna procreate when the time is right, when I can be the best fit mother ever!

As for those women who trap manipulate/force men into marrying them, there’s no need. The man will never be truly yours if he did not chose you, and you will never be happy..

10 thoughts on “Here comes the bride

  1. Thank you trish 🙂 I really wish they were sold in Kenya 🙂 but i am even trying to remember if i've ever seen a cake with a cake topper at a wedding here, everyone's so into flowers and all that hulabaloo!!

  2. What the hell is the point of a cake topper? I mean really? Does it really matter? We all know that after the wedding the thing is just going to go in a box and no one is ever going to care.

    But I have to admit that I do like the one with the chick grabbing the groom's ass.

  3. @catherinette: I dunno what purpose cake toppers are for! At least if they are edible then maybe they would at least be a bit useful lol

    @Tricia: I do not like watching the wedding show, it makes me feel all mushy and stuff because some of those weddings are just beautiful.

  4. Thats wat's pissing about it, I would like to maintain my target of getting hitched after 16 years, so it isn't helping much lol

  5. I'm getting the one where the lady is kissing the guy (woman after my own heart).

    I feel you on women who trap men to get married. Honestly, if I have to ask you where this r/ship is headed, then you're already a candidate for 'to the left'.

    I plan to get married before 35, don't have the luxury of wasting my time and feelings on indecisive dudes. Focused guys need to lift their hands up 😀

  6. @kellie aren't the focused guys already taken? and please tell me were you find these cake toppers, maybe i can be getting some for my birthday cakes lol

  7. No hun. the most mature marriages I have seen (the crowd I hang with), the couples got married in their late twenties or early thirties to gems. So no, they're busy building a good life for themselves the focused guys.

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